Adhere to the terms and conditions and privacy policies before you access the service that we offer. These are guidelines that create a legal bond between the customers and website authorities and you must understand and follow these regulations to proceed further with the service that we offer. For all the data or information that we amass from our customers, we follow certain regulations to prevent misuse or copyright issues.

Privacy policies

Read and understand the privacy policies and you will get the information on data collection methods that we use. These policies will also provide information on the type of documents that we collect during this process. All the data collected from the customers are kept private and no data or information will be shared without the prior assent of the customers.


There are judicial rules and regulations to prevent the misuse of data or threat that arise. It is the responsibility of customers as well as website authorities to follow these regulations in every possible situation.

Chargeback policies

For those customers who would like to cancel any of the services, we follow the chargeback policies to return back the money collected. Any changes that we make to these terms and conditions and privacy policies will be mentioned on our website and can be altered later on. Get a clear idea and understanding of the terms and conditions and privacy policies before you access or make use of the service that we offer.

Our service

Offering quality and timely support to our customers is always our vision and includes the device setup, assistance to download the device software, troubleshooting tips to get rid of device setup errors and a lot more.


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