Privacy policies are important and it’s all about the data collection methods, steps that we follow to secure the data or information that we collect from our customers. Being an important part of legal rules and regulations, the privacy policy always plays a major role to keep all the information safe and secure. Get an idea of the data collection methods that we follow before you adhere to these policies, which happens automatically when you start using our website.

Data collection methods

Documents are collected either via email or by contacting the customers via call

Documents that we collect

Error reports, device manuals and customer information are often collected. Error reports and device manuals will have all the information about the device specifications and features, the reason and cause of the error.

Personal data that we collect from the customers include the name, email ID and contact information.

These documents will be referred to if there is any requirement to activate the service. Apart from the personal data that we collect, bank and credit card information are must if the customers would like to make any transaction.

Rules and regulations

The legal rules and regulations are important to prevent the misuse, security faults, copyright issues and a lot more. There are a set of regulations framed by the concerned judicial authorities which have to be adhered by both parties, the website and the end user.

User responsibility

All the users have the responsibility to safeguard the data or information. Our website authorities will not be liable for the threat or misuse that may arise due to the sharing of confidential data or information to the third party authorities.


We always maintain the data collected from our customers confidential and no data or information will be shared without their prior consent or approval.

Get a clear idea of the data collection methods, the type of data or information that we collect to proceed accessing the service that we offer to all our customers.