HP Printer Driver Is Unavailable

In a few occasions, when the printer neglects to appropriately interface with the PC, the reason is generally because of HP printer driver is unavailable. Driver installation CD ROMs accompany all HP printers which you can utilize while setting up the printer. The printer driver software empowers the PC and the printer to communicate with one another. To install the software, just enter the CD that you gained from the HP Printer box. And permit the autorun functionality for the software to begin self-installing on your PC.

Try sending a test print in order to see that the printer prints the archive without giving any admonitions about software when the driver software is installed. There is an elective method for resolving the driver missing issue on the off chance that you have lost the driver CD found in the printer package. On the outset, download the particular software to your appropriate compatible platform by visiting the HP website. Whichever system you own such as Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Linux or Mac OsX, download the compatible printer driver software.

  • When you complete the download, double click on the downloaded file to begin the installation process
  • Adhere to the on-screen directions to install the missing drivers which finally makes the printer work appropriately with no further alerts on driver missing

Read on to know about other issues that may arise while using your printer

HP Printer Scanning Issues

For an HP printer, scanning documents is very important functionality of a printer aside from printing the files in the memory

To spare some astonishing composition and the hand letters from your favorite individual, scan function is the one you can depend upon. In any case, you will get HP printer scan issues while utilizing the Scan choices and it is normal

HP Printer Driver is Unavailable

HP Printer Driver is Unavailable

The common issues that you may encounter are

  • HP Imaging device communication error
  • Scanner not found
  • Scanner communication
  • Computer not found
  • Scan to Computer is currently unavailable
  • Scanner initialization problem
  • Scan to Computer no longer activated
  • Scanner unreachable
  • Can’t detect the computer

On the off chance that your printer shows any of the mistakes referenced above, simply utilize the HP Print and Scan Doctor device

HP Print and Scan Doctor

This is a free tool for Windows which will settle issues, for example, network connections, firewall issues, the print queue jam, corrupt printer software, printer offline and clearly, scan mistake messages

  • Just check whether the printer is in a good state before you continue and affirm the connections between your printer and PC
  • From the HP site, install the HP Print and Scan Doctor and furthermore follow alongside the mandates that show up on-screen
  • On Welcome screen, tap the Start button to pick a printer from the list and snap Next pursued by the Fix Scanning choice
  • Sometimes printer software download will be run the gadget as installing the latest version of the printer will make things right
  • Sometimes, you will be in a situation when you see the test results in the wake of running the HP Print and Scan Doctor troubleshooting and here is the rundown of test outcomes that will be helpful for you to comprehend the outcomes
  •  Your printer has breezed through the test if you find a checkmark
  • Similarly, a symbol on the display will seem just when the test outcomes are effective
  • You will get an exclamation mark if the test fizzled
  • If an X symbol shows up, it’s your chance to determine the issue yet the utility device will assist by giving onscreen mandates

This is the way you can fix the scan issues with the assistance of HP Print and Scan download for Windows and furthermore read beneath to realize how to use this instrument to take out other HP Printer issues. For more information, contact our support team through the toll-free number +1-844-840-1990 or visit HP printer customer service.