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Do you require any assistance for your device setup and troubleshooting? Our HP Printer customer service team is available to assist you and offer you the best support for device setup, troubleshooting, download the compatible software and a lot more.

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We always ensure that our customers are satisfied with the service that we offer. In addition we always make sure that there is no delay in contacting them. The quality support that we provide always encourage our customers to contact us

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It’s time to contact our HP printer customer service team. Navigate to our HP customer support page and as soon as you dial the contact number your call will be transferred to our agents right away. As our agents are available round the clock, you can contact them for all the queries that you have. You can always visit our webpage to register your product and get instant updates whenever new models are available; acquire the device warranty information and a lot more

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Reach us either via call, chat or use the official email ID listed on our webpage

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Our service

We offer the best service to all our customers and here we suggest a few of them. Assistance to start the device setup using either manual or automatic methods. To establish a good speed network connection. Guidance to download the compatible software to use with your device explaining the software and driver download methods available. Suggest you the compatible software to scan your device. HP scan and doctor tool is generally preferred by most of the HP customers. These software’s will scan and detect the threat or malware that affect your device. We also provide you updates on your device warranty status and free service will be offered for those devices under warranty period. To troubleshoot and get rid of the device setup, driver download and installation errors. Get rid of mobile printing errors( Air print, Cloud print and a few more )

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For device setup

Wireless setup wizard is always preferred and we will explain you the steps to answer all the wireless setup wizard instructions. There are alternate methods too to proceed with the setup. If your device is new and if it is a first-time printer setup, you can try removing all the protective tapes that surround your Printer, insert the compatible and required cables, install the compatible cartridges, place the paper in your paper input tray

To connect your device to the Network

Without a good speed network connection, it’s hard to proceed with the device setup and the methods that we suggest is based on the device model and operating system version that you use. All most all the latest HP printer models will have the automatic wireless connection methods such as Wireless direct, WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup) and a few more. For those device models that do not have a touch screen display, USB setup for wireless can be used. In the event that you find any issues or if you find it difficult to use the wireless setup methods, we recommend you to switch over to the wired connection methods

Get the compatible software

Start updating your device with the latest software and drivers and avoid using the one that is not compatible. In that case it is our suggestion to update the device software with the latest one

Methods that we suggest

  • Software download visiting the HP customer support page
  • Use CD for installation
  • Using the automatic software update tools

Would you like to know what are the compatible websites that you can use to get the software? HP always recommends using the authorized websites and not any other third party webpages. You can navigate to the compatible website, type the name of the device and operating system version to get the software search results. If the error occurs due to installation CD try checking the software setup file once. Take out the CD from the device and try inserting it once again

Troubleshoot the device setup errors

Errors are common as you proceed with the device setup or installation? Do not worry as tips and tricks are many. Identifying the error type is always important before you begin. Here are some of the common tips and tricks suggested by our HP Printer customer service agents

Troubleshoot device software error

If it is a software error you can check the software that you use and update the latest version. You can also try uninstalling the existing software if it is not compatible and try installing it once again. Customers who prefer installation CD can check if it the software setup file is compatible. Make sure that you always visit the valid HP Printer customer service webpage for software download and installation. Device restart is another best option that you can follow to get rid of any type of error that popup.

For device setup error

If it is a device setup error it is always good to cross-check and verify the device activation steps. Restarting the device can also help to avoid most of the errors. Reset your Printer settings and verify if all the settings are valid and accurate. Try reading and understanding the device setup instructions clearly before you proceed with the process

Network errors or connectivity issues

(Wireless setup username (SSID) and password) that you use must be valid and accurate. Contact our HP Printer customer service provider if you do not know the credentials. As soon as you collect it, type it in the required space as you proceed with the wireless setup. Try printing a test page to check if the credentials are valid and network settings are accurate. If the error occurs due to the wireless connection, you can try switching over to wired network connection

 To remove malware or threat files

Often external software’s or malware can affect your device and can interrupt all your print, scan, copy and fax errors. You can remove these software’s easily with the available scan tools. Check for the latest antivirus scan software’s available and download it visiting the compatible webpage’s. Perform windows security updates on the computer that you use. Close all the firewall software’s that are running on your device. Avoid installing the external software’s on your device and check if the device errors still persist

  Mobile printing errors

Mobile printing errors can often popup and occur if you use mobile apps that are not compatible. Check the compatibility of the mobile printing app,verify the settings and the status of the internet connection. Double check to verify that you choose the right device to connect

Buy the best device

If you are in search for the best model to buy, you can try checking the reviews to find the latest model, its features and the specifications

Collect the Printer accessories

If any of your Printer accessories are damaged or if you would like to go for a replacement, you can visit our webpage and provide the part number, device model or the operating system version. Wait for a while until you get the product search results

HP Printer models to buy

Let us suggest you the best HP printer models that you can buy for all your print, scan and copy jobs

Select the best model that you like from the list to get all your print jobs done

  • HP Sprocket, the best portable Printer
  • Envy 4520,Envy 5055 Printer
  • HP DeskJet Ink advantage 2676 all in one Printer
  • HP Office jet 4650 wireless Printer
  • HP LaserJet Pro MFP M227 fdw Printer
  • LaserJet Pro M1136
  • LaserJet Enterprise M506 X wireless monochrome Printer
  • HP Ink tank wireless 419 all in one Printer
  • Laser Printer- P2035
  • HP DeskJet Ink advantage 3835 all in one Inkjet Printer

The features, specifications and setup instructions for each of these models vary and the device manual or the setup instruction will have all the information. Find the best device that can support all your heavy and light duty print jobs. Plan your budget before you buy and it’s always good if you can try purchasing the one that is budget friendly. Get the best Printer that can offer you better printing speed and quality for printed documents. Check out the reviews and you will get an idea of the top and best models that you can buy. Speak to our HP Printer customer service team for assistance and guidance. Complete your device setup, get rid of Printer errors and start all your print jobs right away


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